New Commerce Experience

Why is everyone talking about New Commerce Experience?
The platform is ready to guide you on your NCE journey! Learn how it will actually affect your business.

What is Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is continuously evolving, putting partners at the center of the SMB customer digital transformation to ensure customers and partners have an optimal experience. Starting January 2022, Microsoft will bring this purchase motion to seat-based offers like Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Windows 365. These offer types are being added to Microsoft’s new commerce platform, with new functionalities, capabilities, and policies that differ from the legacy CSP provisioning platform.

The New Commerce Experience provides partners in the CSP program with new sales capabilities and new tools to manage subscriptions more easily and promotes long-term customer commitment with multiple term options. Once it’s fully launched, it will enable faster, simpler transactions.

Benefits of the New Commerce Experience

Transitioning to the New Commerce Experience your future growth

Microsoft New Commerce Experience 1 Your Marketplace

Better customer engagement

with discounted pricing on annual subscriptions and more agile payment options.

Microsoft New Commerce Experience 2 Your Marketplace


in term and seat-counts for customers who don’t want to commit on annual or multi-year level.

Microsoft New Commerce Experience 3 Your Marketplace

Operational efficiency

with automated pricelist processing

Microsoft New Commerce Experience 4 Your Marketplace

Greater customer commitment

with enforced cancellation policy and better upgrade options

Microsoft New Commerce Experience 5 Your Marketplace

Extra convenience

for managing your services

Microsoft New Commerce Experience 6 Your Marketplace

Optimized costs and more savings

with new monthly-term offers of 20% price premium

Microsoft New Commerce Experience 7 Your Marketplace

New pricing and add-on options

to promote product adoption

Microsoft New Commerce Experience 8 Your Marketplace

Crystal clear billing experience

in alignment with Azure

Microsoft New Commerce Experience 9

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