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All you need to know about and… the cloud! new era marketplace is here for you!

You’re likely familiar with what can do for CSP businesses. You’ve probably already used it to create a marketplace that has everything needed to run a successful Microsoft CSP business.

Offer Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances Through The Platform

Offering Azure Reserved Instances (RI) is right on the money in terms of customer demand…

G Suite Plans: All You Need To Elevate Your Business

Reselling SaaS solutions from different vendors means coping with different ways of provisioning, invoicing, and other cumbersome administrative tasks.

Microsoft Electronic Service Delivery (ESD): Harness The Power Of The Platform And Maximize The Opportunities From ESD

What are the key words that spring to mind when you think of the digital revolution? There are plenty—but a big one is “instant.”

3 Ways Resellers Benefit Leveraging For Microsoft Office 365

Office productivity is the core of every organization, from the small family business to the multinational corporation.

Automation Of Billing: Not Just A Feature, But A Requirement In The Microsoft CSP Programme

Cloud computing offers many perks for end customers.

How Microsoft’s CSP Program Is A Perfect Fit For Cloud Resellers

Being a reseller used to be limited to the actual meaning to the word.

Why Data Integration From Your Existing Systems To The Platform Really Is A Piece Of Cake… How To Run A Successful Microsoft-based Cloud Business With The Platform

Have your cake and eat it… Why data integration from your existing systems to the platform really is a piece of cake…

The Platform: Success Coach For Unlimited Client Satisfaction For Microsoft CSPS

As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) your function is to be a client’s goalkeeper when transforming its data to the cloud.


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