The Ultimate CSP Automation
for Microsoft Service Providers
and Cloud Distributors

Meet the award-winning CSP automation platform for provisioning, selling
billing Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft ESD, Acronis Cloud Backup,
Google's G Suite, plus more IaaS and SaaS solutions. Take your cloud business
to the next level with the platform.

The platform

Address the challenges you face as a service provider, such as billing complexity, service delivery automation and the investment of time, money and effort with an all-in-one provisioning and business automation solution.


Our platform is popular with small, medium-sized and large companies alike.
Here are some of our clients:


This is the Leading Cloud
Automation Platform
trusted by
30+ cloud distributors wordlwide

Direct or Indirect Provider? We care for your cloud
business. We provide you peace of mind
with the only platform you will ever need to fully
automate provisioning and billing procedures.
Let us handle all your pains so you can stay
focused on your growth

Key Features

The platform provides you with everything you need to successfully manage your workflow, end-to-end. Take advantage of its powerful features and maintain total control over your cloud business while providing a seamless customer experience.


A fully integrated, end-to-end business management platform tailored to meet the needs of Distributors, Service Providers, Software Vendors and Microsoft CSPs.

Cloud Business Platform






Streamline your cloud business by automating and optimizing your billing, invoicing, payments and taxation with the platform.







Showcase your catalog of cloud services through your own-branded marketplace and enable customers to order, activate, manage, pay and request support on the spot!







Provision Microsoft Cloud, IaaS, SaaS, DaaS, IIT, Citrix CPSM and your own ISV cloud services by leveraging the flexible and powerful provisioning tools of the platform







Utilize the advanced Business Reporting tools to track growth.

Business Reporting






Integrate your current tools or legacy systems (ERP, accounting software, billing, ticketing system or CRM) and ensure business continuity, utilizing the platform’s Open APIs.

Integrations and APIs






Budget Alerts gives power to your resellers to better monitor and manage the Azure subscriptions of their customers.

Budget Alerts






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Always up-to-date with
the latest CSP features
and other Microsoft integrations!

Resell Office 365, Azure, ESD and other Microsoft Solutions for your clients.

Take advantage of the most efficient automation solution for billing, provisioning and ordering of Microsoft Cloud Services.

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Enrich your
Business Portfolio
with Top Cloud Vendors

Provision top selling cloud applications from top cloud vendors

Expand your arsenal of products by adding cloud services from top cloud vendors like Acronis, G Suite, AVG and Dropsuite!


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