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The Cloud Alchemist: How interworks.cloud Transformed MC3’s Cloud Business Ecosystem


Boosting Cloud Solutions with interworks.cloud Platform

In the dynamic arena of cloud services, agility, and operational efficiency are keys to success. MC3, a dedicated interworks.cloud customer, is a shining testament to this truth. By leveraging interworks.cloud’s advanced platform, MC3 managed to overcome business challenges and turbocharge their operations, carving a successful path in the cloud automation industry.

Unraveling MC3's Challenges:

MC3 faced two primary obstacles that stifled their progress

Absence of a Marketplace

MC3 lacked a unified platform to showcase and sell their products and services.

Lack of Automation

The absence of automated processes slowed down their productivity and obstructed scalability.

Unveiling the Solution: the interworks.cloud platform

interworks.cloud came forward with a twin-pronged solution to counter MC3’s challenges:

  1. Driving Microsoft CSP Sales: The interworks.cloud platform served as a catalyst, boosting MC3’s sales and distribution of Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) offerings by managing the entire sales lifecycle.
  2. Enhancing Adobe VIP MP Sales: By providing a centralized platform for Adobe VIP MP products, interworks.cloud streamlined sales processes and managed customer licenses efficiently, boosting MC3’s productivity and customer experience.

With this robust solution, MC3 could establish a comprehensive marketplace and introduce automation into their business processes, enhancing productivity and scalability.

MC3's Digital Transformation

interworks.cloud’s platform bestowed MC3 with specific features and offerings:

1. Fast Adoption of Adobe VIP MP

The ready-to-support platform enabled MC3 to swiftly introduce Adobe VIP MP services to customers.

2. Unified Marketplace

A centralized space for multiple vendors’ services simplified the selling process for MC3’s resellers.

3. Consolidated Experience and Automation

The platform allowed a seamless transition for customers already selling Microsoft services to start selling Adobe services as well.

4. Elevated Security

By introducing Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Single Sign-On (SSO), interworks.cloud bolstered MC3’s security.

5. Flexible Management

Efficient management of cloud services, preserving MC3’s business characteristics, granted them a competitive edge.

6. Migrator Tool and Auto-Renew Feature

The migrator tool eased the transition to Adobe VIP MP, and the auto-renew feature reduced subscription churn.

7. Streamlined Onboarding Process

Quick onboarding of Adobe resellers expanded MC3’s database and business growth opportunities.


interworks.cloud’s platform played a pivotal role in turning MC3’s challenges into opportunities, proving itself to be an architect of success in the cloud automation industry. With significant improvements in Microsoft CSP and Adobe VIP MP sales, enhanced productivity, and increased security, MC3 now stands proud on its path towards a competitive future.

We started with Microsoft CSP, and then came Adobe VIP MP. The integration works properly, and our vendors love the platform. We have lots of successful migration history now of Adobe VIP to the Marketplace, and it is seamless!

Boris Chodkiewiez

Director, MC3

About MC3

Microsoft Direct CSP & Adobe reseller

MC3 Cloud, a Mauritius-based value-added distributor, boasts over a decade of experience across Africa, specializing in Microsoft Cloud Services. As a Cloud Solution Provider Tier-2, they prioritize delivering boundless customer experiences through Cloud-enabled digital transformation solutions. Their pride extends to being authorized Adobe resellers, further enhancing their offerings.


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