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Success Stories

There’s nothing as revealing as a real-life case study.

Global Nonprofit – Microsoft Direct CSP – USA

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We just wouldn’t have been able to build up our CSP program so easily without the platform. It’s a solution that has provided the perfect blend of global scale, flexibility, and self-service options. Working with interworks. cloud meant we could rapidly deploy our new capability to serve stakeholders across more than 150 countries.

COSMO CONSULT – Microsoft Direct CSP

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With, we benefit from a business platform that grows with us and enables us to be optimally prepared for future challenges. In technical terms, it’s precisely tailored to the needs of Microsoft partners. For example, for Microsoft’s product portfolio, we were able to easily link it with our services and solutions. We also like the community model, which is similar to Microsoft 365 – where every new feature is immediately made available to all users.

Rectron Microsoft Indirect CSP South Africa

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Rectron is a dynamic and innovative ICT company. Its comprehensive offering which includes cloud, networking, data centre solutions, surveillance, and data storage, enables it to provide truly end-to-end solutions to clients.
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