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Powerful Billing Automation for Cloud Distributors & Service Providers

Streamline your SaaS Subscription Billing process, eliminate billing complexities, and accelerate your business growth with our powerful automation capabilities.

Advanced Subscription Billing Engine for Cloud Services

Are you grappling with the complexities of billing in your cloud services? Leverage our Subsbsctiption Billing Platform’s sophisticated automation engine to eliminate manual and time-consuming operations.


Maximize your offerings with our top-tier Subscription Billing Platform. Enhance your product appeal with customizable add-ons, upgrades, or special promotions, and boost cross-selling and upselling opportunities.


Our CSP Billing Platform provides unmatched billing flexibility. Bill at the start of each subscription, or at the end of the month using daily proration. Bill monthly using full-term charges or just bill on a specific date. Issue invoices automatically, allow your customers to monitor their balance through your Marketplace and pay securely via the integrated payment gateway methods.

Targeted Pricing
Strategies in
Cloud Billing

Implement dynamic pricing strategies with our Cloud Billing Platform. Adjust prices based on vendor, country, or other criteria, offering a range of options including volume discounts, contract pricing, overage fees, promotional pricing, or even introductory free periods.

Global Reach
Multicurrency Support

Expand your market reach with our multicurrency capabilities. Sell in various countries, languages, and currencies, applying specific taxation rules for each region to grow your business safely and swiftly.

Credit Risk
Management in
Subscription Billing

Minimize credit risk by setting customer credit limits and automating subscription suspensions for overdue payments. Implement fixed-price contracts or PAYG service commitments to secure a baseline revenue.

for Reliable CSP

Ensure billing accuracy and integrity with our CSP Billing Platform, using tools like the PowerBI Reconciliation Tool for vendor charge verification. This feature helps identify any discrepancies, ensuring correct billing and reinforcing the reliability of your billing processes.

Versatile Billing Models and Pricing Scenarios for Every Need

Our Subscription Billing Platform caters to a variety of billing models, supporting some of the most sophisticated pricing scenarios in the IT industry.

Flexible SaaS Billing Solutions: Whether it's for recurring services or one-time plans, our SaaS Billing Platform adapts to your needs. Delve into diverse pricing options, including fixed price pre-paid, pay-as-you-go (PAYG), fixed contracts, and even hybrid plans.

Agile Payment Options for Enhanced Customer Experience: Our CSP Billing Platform offers a range of payment solutions, from one-off transactions to monthly or annual payments, ensuring that your customers enjoy the flexibility they require.

Customizable Billing to Match Vendor and Customer Needs: Adapt your billing with our Automated Recurring Billing system to align with vendor specifications or customer contracts.

Dynamic Pricing for Tailored Offerings: With our Cloud Billing Platform, you can set dynamic pricing for configurable products or services, like IaaS offerings, enabling customers to purchase precisely what they need.

Customized Pricing Strategies for Competitive Edge: Αpply discounts, margin or mark-up pricing rules and customize your commercial policy

Comprehensive Subscription Billing Features

You are in good hands. Having onboarded 100+ Microsoft CSPs, Cloud Service Providers and Cloud Distributors we know the billing pains you face and how to effectively solve them.

Adaptable Pricing with Our SaaS Billing Platform

The interworks.cloud Subscription Billing Platform offers unparalleled pricing flexibility. Whether it's one-off, recurring, or pay-per-use charges, our platform simplifies the creation, billing, and provisioning of cloud products and services, catering to various billing requirements.

Efficient Invoice Management and Tax Compliance

Our Automated Recurring Billing system streamlines invoicing, whether it's for recurring, pay-per-use, or one-time services. We support diverse taxation models, including multi-state and multi-region, ensuring compliance with the latest tax regulations through integration with Avalara.

Streamlined Collections and Payments on Our CSP Billing Platform

We offer a variety of payment terms and rules to automate collections, supporting multiple payment methods and gateways. The interworks.cloud platform ensures smooth payment processing and supports popular gateways like PayPal and Paymill, among others.

Customizable Subscriptions for Enhanced Billing Control

Easily define custom billing periods and pro-rations on our Cloud Billing Platform. Implement multiple pricing rules and volume discounts to simplify subscription management and maintain comprehensive transaction records.

Proactive Budget Alerts for Financial Management

Help your customers manage their financial risks effectively. Set thresholds for Azure Plan subscription consumption, enabling better budget control through timely notifications when nearing budget limits.

Secured Billing with Advanced BI Reporting

Enhance billing security with the PowerBI Reconciliation Tool on our Subscription Billing Platform. This tool diligently checks all Microsoft subscriptions, compares charges, identifies discrepancies, and ensures the integrity and robustness of your billing processes.

Credit Controls

Eliminate the risk of customers consuming Azure resources they cannot afford by setting a credit limit, consistent with the financial capabilities of each customer. Apply credit controls to partners and minimize your financial exposure.

Consumption Billing

Eliminate the risk of customers consuming Azure resources they cannot afford by setting a credit limit, consistent with the financial capabilities of each customer. Apply credit controls to partners and minimize your financial exposure.

Multi-country, Multi-currency

Maintain and support multi-country deployments and facilitate global operations. Sell in multiple currencies and apply country specific taxation rules. The interworks.cloud platform is the ultimate solution for large scale businesses and cloud distributors.

Sell More with Product Bundles

Increase your customers’ lifetime value and stickiness to your company, by offering product bundles, ideally created to address their business needs! Combine multiple XaaS products in one single Product SKU, build special discount policies and manage a single subscription as well as a single billing event. Promote your own services along with high demand cloud products or services from other Vendors/ISVs and stay on top of competition with high-valued offerings.
Subscription Billing Automation for Product Bundles

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Experience cloud provisioning at the speed of light, offering a broad range of services with immediate activation and self-management through interworks.cloud



Step into the future of cloud services with a custom-branded Marketplace that offers endless integration and cross-selling opportunities, powered by interworks.cloud

Business Reporting

Make data-driven decisions with real-time, comprehensive cloud reporting and analytics, ensuring performance and profitability with interworks.cloud

Reseller Management​

Grow your network and profits with multi-tier, automated cloud reseller management tools, offering unparalleled control and expansion capabilities with interworks.cloud


Elevate your cloud operations with seamless vendor integrations and API connectivity, ensuring a smooth data flow and customer experience with interworks.cloud


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Dropbox (vendor catalog)
Dropbox is a flexible workspace designed to reduce busywork, so you can focus on the things that matter. A powerful collaboration to efficiently sync and share files, cloud storage, personal cloud, and client. Dropbox has the ability to enhance the productivity of businesses and protect their data with a sturdy set of visibility and control features.
Distributors and service providers are able to resell all available Dropbox plans to their downstream partners or customers. The integration offers automatic billing, ordering and provisioning of all Dropbox plans and allows our customers to deliver Dropbox plans to businesses fast by also providing a great Marketplace experience. Marketplace users can easily manage all their Dropbox subscriptions in a simple way directly from their custom-branded Marketplace.

Leverage the oversimplified purchase process for you and your customers, to reduce purchase duration and increase the efficiency of customer engagement

Allow your customers to easily manage all their Dropbox subscriptions in a simple way directly from your Marketplace

Enable your downstream customers to instantly and securely receive Dropbox purchased products, after first receiving an e-mail from Dropbox to complete their activation.

Resell and auto-provision Dropbox Sign products

Cloud Distributors, Cloud Service Providers, VARs, MSPs
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Kaspersky (vendor catalog)
Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions. The company is ranked among the world’s top four vendors of security solutions for endpoint users. It is an innovator in IT security and provides effective digital security solutions and threat management systems for consumers, SMBs and enterprises.
The integration with Kaspersky, provides all the required tools necessary for the distribution of Kaspersky products to the downstream network of resellers and partners. Distributors can automatically bill and provision all Kaspersky products and ensure their 24/7 availability in their Marketplace. Resellers can easily manage all their Kaspersky subscriptions with the available Kaspersky actions, providing the liberty to self-serve their customers without the Distributor’s personal engagement, on any occasion.

Search between multiple SKUs, deliver and manage Kaspersky subscriptions for you and your resellers and save valuable time in your everyday activities

Enable your resellers to instantly and securely activate their end-customers with activation codes, right after their Kaspersky purchase Reduce Kaspersky purchase duration and increase the efficiency of customer engagement.

Reduce Kaspersky purchase duration and increase the efficiency of customer engagement.

Cloud Distributors, Cloud Service Providers
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Dropsuite (vendor catalog)
Dropsuite is a cloud software platform enabling businesses and organizations globally to easily backup, recover and protect their important business information. The product is compatible with Office 365 (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive & Teams Sites), Hosted Exchange, Open-Xchange, Google Workspace Gmail, and most IMAP/POP email servers.
Distributors and cloud service providers have the opportunity to bill and provision Dropsuite’s products easily and instantly through the interworks.cloud platform. Once they sign a contract with Dropsuite, Dropsuite’s products are a click away from immediate enablement and distribution via our platform solution. Distributors and service providers are able to cross-sell backup and archiving solutions to their customers – along with the Office 365 solution – and increase their average revenue per user.

Cross-sell backup and archiving solutions to your customers – along with O365 – and increase your average revenue per user

Update your catalog with all Dropsuite's products in a snap, via the "Get Services Definition" option of our platform

Easily modify customer’s dropsuite subscriptions, with no additional effort.

Cloud Distributors, Cloud Service Providers, VARs, MSPs
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BitTitan (vendor catalog)
BitTitan offers one-time migration licenses from any kind of email service to O365 and Google Workspace. BitTitan also offers MSPComplete and MigrationWiz suites, which are the endpoint environment for users to manage O365 tenant and conduct the migrations.
The BitTitan business model supports multi-tier Resellers. Our integration with BitTitan will enable BitTitan Resellers to sell and manage BitTitan User Migration Bundle licenses and Mailbox Migration Licenses through the interworks.cloud platform.

Automatically sell and provision BitTitan cloud products/services through your own published Marketplace

Manage all sold assets and invoice your resellers/end-customers automatically

Define products and pricing based on the supported business models and pricing policies per product or reseller.

Cloud Distributors, Cloud Service Providers, VARs, MSPs