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Revolutionizing Cloud Automation: How interworks.cloud Empowered Wolkenwerft’s Success Story


Boosting Cloud Solutions with interworks.cloud Platform

In our fast-paced digital era, businesses are consistently seeking innovative solutions to keep up with evolving customer demands. A pioneering player in the cloud sector, Wolkenwerft, found their perfect fit in the robust platform of interworks.cloud. The implementation of interworks.cloud platform acted as a catalyst in optimizing operational efficiency, enhancing the accuracy of billing processes, and fortifying a resilient marketplace for their cloud services.

The Driving Forces Behind Wolkenwerft's Adoption of interworks.cloud Platform

For Wolkenwerft, the journey towards optimizing their cloud services led them to the adoption of interworks.cloud as their primary platform. This decision was fueled by several key factors, which have become the driving force behind their successful transformation:

Microsoft NCE-Ready Platform

One of the primary motivations for adopting interworks.cloud was its readiness as a Microsoft NCE-ready platform. This readiness proved invaluable as Wolkenwerft navigated the significant changes associated with Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience. interworks.cloud’s ability to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft services ensured a smooth transition, allowing Wolkenwerft to continue delivering uninterrupted services to their customers.

Streamlining End-to-End Processes​

Wolkenwerft sought a comprehensive solution to streamline their entire end-to-end process, encompassing order management and invoicing. interworks.cloud’s robust features provided the perfect tool to achieve this objective, enabling precise and efficient billing of their cloud services and effectively eliminating any potential discrepancies. This automation significantly reduced invoicing time from approximately 8 hours to an astonishing 15 minutes, freeing up valuable resources for other critical tasks.

Empowering Growth with a Resilient Marketplace

With interworks.cloud’s powerful marketplace functionalities, Wolkenwerft gained a competitive edge by effectively exhibiting and promoting their cloud solutions to customers. This not only stimulated business growth but also enhanced the overall customer experience, fostering long-lasting relationships based on trust and satisfaction.

Addressing Pain Points with interworks.cloud

Before their collaboration with interworks.cloud, Wolkenwerft grappled with numerous challenges including the complexity of billing processes, confusion over different price lists for their customers, and inefficiencies due to manual maintenance of their old shops. The implementation of our cloud commerce platform addressed these pain points, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

interworks.cloud Meets Wolkenwerft's Business Needs

Over approximately 1.5 years, Wolkenwerft has been utilizing interworks.cloud platform to cater to their most critical business needs:

Automated Billing and Invoicing

By integrating their ERP system with interworks.cloud’s restful API, Wolkenwerft achieved a fully automated billing and invoicing process. This revolutionary change drastically reduced invoicing time from approximately 8 hours to just 15 minutes, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring precision and accuracy in financial operations.

The Power of Reconciliation

Wolkenwerft found immense value in interworks.cloud’s reconciliation tool, which provided an extra layer of safety and cross-checking for charges using the PowerBI Reconciliation Tool. By comparing all Microsoft subscriptions with charges made by the interworks.cloud platform, the safety feature detected any potential discrepancies, guaranteeing the robustness of their billing processes. This level of accuracy fosters trusted collaboration with customers and ensures that invoices are correctly issued.

Seamless Provisioning of Licenses

The interworks.cloud product enables Wolkenwerft to efficiently manage and distribute software licenses to their customers. This seamless provisioning process not only enhances customer satisfaction but also allows Wolkenwerft to focus on strategic initiatives, driving overall business growth.

Empowering the Marketplace

interworks.cloud’s marketplace functionality plays a pivotal role in Wolkenwerft’s business operations. It empowers customers with a self-service platform to explore and select tailored cloud solutions that precisely meet their needs. Furthermore, Wolkenwerft leverages the ability to offer seamless self-registration to new prospects, minimizing the typically lengthy sales cycle common in the B2B industry. As a result, a new prospect can self-register, become accepted, and place an order without requiring any human intervention, leading to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction.

interworks.cloud Platform: An Indispensable Solution

The interworks.cloud platform played a critical role in Wolkenwerft’s operations, acting as a backbone for their primary use cases.

These include the seamless integration of their ERP system using interworks.cloud’s restful API, the provision of a reconciliation tool for identifying errors, and a robust marketplace functionality that provides a self-service platform for customers.


The results of Wolkenwerft’s collaboration with interworks.cloud speak volumes about the transformative power of cloud automation:

  • Reduction of invoicing time from approximately 8 hours to just 15 minutes, allowing for more efficient resource allocation.
  • Streamlined catalog maintenance to only 30 minutes per month, enhancing overall operational efficiency.
  • Considerable increase in overall productivity, leading to cost savings and increased output.
Based on their exceptional experience, Wolkenwerft enthusiastically recommends interworks.cloud to other businesses seeking to optimize their processes and enhance productivity. The platform’s time and cost savings, unparalleled automation, and enhanced functionality make it an invaluable asset for organizations looking to embrace cloud automation and drive their success to new heights.
Without interworks.cloud, a professional Microsoft license sale is not possible!

Robert Kaiser

CEO, Wolkenwerft GmbH

About Wolkenwerft

Microsoft Direct CSP

Wolkenwerft is a German technology company specializing in cloud services and solutions. With approximately 10 employees, they have established themselves as a trusted provider of cloud solutions, serving around 250 customers.

Since November 1, 2018, Wolkenwerft has been a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), allowing them to offer a wide range of Microsoft cloud services such as Azure and Office 365. Leveraging their partnership with Microsoft and their team’s expertise, Wolkenwerft delivers tailored cloud infrastructure solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries, ensuring personalized attention and high-quality service delivery.


Wolkenwerft chose interworks.cloud for its readiness as a Microsoft NCE-ready platform, its ability to streamline end-to-end processes, and its robust marketplace functionalities.

Wolkenwerft encountered issues with complex billing processes, different customer price lists, and manual maintenance of their old shops.

Our cloud commerce platform has provided Wolkenwerft with an automated billing process, a self-service tool for customers, and automatic product maintenance. 


The Success Story Continues

Adopting our solution, Wolkenwerft experienced significant improvements in their business processes. The interworks.cloud platform serves as an all-encompassing tool offering 100% automation, enabling Wolkenwerft to achieve maximum efficiency.


With the multitude of benefits offered by interworks.cloud, Wolkenwerft enthusiastically recommends our cloud commerce platform to other businesses seeking to optimize their processes and boost productivity.


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