Lead your Resellers to the Top

Simplify your resellers’ management with the interworks.cloud platform.

Monitor and Manage Your Resellers Via One Single Portal

Expand your cloud business with the best in market multi-tier reseller channel management experience. Use and offer your resellers the most advanced tool for automation and monitoring of cloud services, increasing revenues and reducing churn.


Multi-tier management

Expand your reseller network via one installation. Use state-of-the art architecture and minimize costs and support tickets.


360° reseller view

Get a 360° pane of your resellers’ details, invoices, subscriptions. Easily upgrade or downgrade, cancel or update with one sign in.


Differentiate from competition

Take the opportunity to change the way you do business.


Success is easy!

Maximize the power of your network by offering innovative solutions to make their cloud business generate more revenue and extend your reseller network.


Support for unlimited tenants in the same database


Support for unlimited number of resellers


Support for unlimited currencies with automatic exchange rate handling


Support for unlimited languages using sources


Benefits for Distributors and Microsoft CSPs

Save time by easily onboarding your resellers.

Protect your cloud business by enabling credit controls and system notifications.

Have one single portal for cloud service, provisioning and billing.

Automate end-to-end lifecycle management and unleash unlimited grown potential for your CSP business.

Offer cloud-as-a-service to your resellers.

Reseller Dashboard

A tool for providing an accurate, effortless, and user-friendly overview of a reseller’s business performance and meaningful statistics such as metrics, KPIs, and other relative data.


General Settings

It provides you with several statistics of your account by dividing the info into three columns: Monthly Costs, Account Balance, Overdue Payments.


Product Mix

Displays by default all the Products that your reseller has purchased in the time range set as slices of a pie-chart, filtered by Product Types and Charge Type.


Historical Costs

It displays a stacked bar-chart of the monthly costs for all Products that your reseller has purchased in the time range set and can be filtered by Product Types.


Subscriptions Churn

Create reports on any data set from within your system for complete control and visibility of your cloud business.


Latest Orders

It displays a list table of the fifteen most recent orders placed by your reseller according to the order date.


Expiring Assets

It displays a list table of the 10 most close-to-expiring assets with an expiring date of 30 days or less.


Expiring Subscriptions

It displays a list table of the 10 most close-to-expiring annual subscriptions (or bigger billing frequency) with an expiring period of 30 days or less.


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