Panda cloud
Protection suite

An end-to-end protection, monitoring and device management solution for CSPs to offer!

The platform

A risk-free, cost-effective, time-efficient and user-friendly Panda Cloud selling experience for Service Providers

Panda Cloud 1

Monetize antivirus market growth

Meet NOW the cyber-protection needs of the market by offering a cloud protection solution with the ability to classify 100% of running processes on all your customers’ company endpoints, including smartphones and tablets!

Panda Cloud 2

Add an extra revenue stream

Increase your revenue by offering your customers a cloud antivirus, monitoring and device management service that will protect their corporate infrastructure from zero-day exploits.

Panda Cloud 3

Outstanding cross-sell opportunity

Cross-sell your O365 mailbox offerings with a cloud protection solution like Panda Email Protection, a service that provides multi-layer protection, using one integrated platform.

Panda Cloud 4

Differentiate from competition

Be among the first direct or indirect CSPs to offer the only cyber-security service that combines advanced protection technologies with detection and remediation features!

Panda Cloud 5

Endpoint Protection

Protect your corporate network from the cloud with the best enterprise antivirus solution.

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    Cloud Jumper soſtware provides automation and workflow that simplifies all administrative tasks from infrastructure to end-user support.

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    Applications, end-user and infrastructure management consolidated into a seamless, easy-to-manage platform with an intuitive interface.

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    Provision on any cloud or hypervisor, speeding up time to deployment by eliminating costly engineering.

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    The platform is highly scalable, resilient and can be distributed across data centers.

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Email Protection

Protect your company’s email traffic against all types of malware and spam.

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    Manage email security by company, domain or user and set criteria for automatic processing of spam.

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    Manage the centralized quarantine to perform mass actions or apply usage policies.

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    Proactive anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spyware and anti-spam protection, based on Collective Intelligence.

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    99.9% effective Anti-spam protection, pattern-based virus recognition and reputation lists with Cyren technology.

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    Write, receive and send emails with 24/7 availability. Email Protection backs up your company’s email for 2 weeks, at zero cost!

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    Email Protection will store external email in case email server crashes in order to deliver it when the service is restored.

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Panda Cloud 6
Panda Cloud 7

Systems Management

Simple and affordable management, monitoring and support of all the devices in your company, whether they are in the office or on the move

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    Permanent visibility into all your hardware and software, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X workstations and servers, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, printers, and computer networks

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    Monitor proactively the status of your devices and reduce the number of incidents with automatic updates

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    Remotely monitor and provide support to all devices, even if they are switched off

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    Use non-intrusive diagnosis and troubleshooting to boost productivity

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    Control and monitor the CPU, memory and disk usage, services, software, etc. of all devices in the corporate network

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Adaptive Defense

Block the advanced threats and targeted and zero-day attacks that traditional solutions are unable to detect

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    Complete, robust and adaptable protection guaranteed for any corporate environment, capable of meeting ‘zero risk’ targets

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    Find out who is trying to access your data and how, thanks to detailed and intelligent traceability about everything that happens on your IT infrastructure: threat timeline, information flow, the behavior of active processes, etc.

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    Consolidate an environment that is secure in the face of system and application vulnerabilities, even when the programs are not updated

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    You can configure reports and alerts to be informed of any malware identified, its location, the systems affected, and the action it tries to initiate

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Panda Cloud 8

Panda Cloud 9

Panda Fusion

Fusion protects, manages and provides remote support to all the devices in your network, including smartphones and tablets

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    Maximum detection of malware and zero-day exploits

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    Protection for all network devices including Exchange mail servers, and Android smartphones and tablets

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    Controls external devices to minimize malware entry points

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    Automate the most common IT tasks freeing up time for other projects and value-added tasks

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    Enforce security policies and optimize device power consumption

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    Organize, classify and prioritize incident management, sharing documentation and technical procedures for quicker resolution

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