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The ideal billing and provisioning automation solution for a Kaspersky partner!

Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint protection solutions and is ranked among the top vendors of security solutions for endpoint users. It is an innovator in IT security and provides effective digital security solutions and threat management systems for consumers, SMBs and enterprises.

What does the integration bring?

The platform integration with Kaspersky, provides all the required tools necessary for the distribution of Kaspersky products to your resellers and partners. Now, you will be able to automatically bill and provision all Kaspersky products and ensure their 24/7 availability in your Marketplace! Are you ready to enrich the security solutions you offer?


Discover the benefits

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Save money and time

Time is money! That’s why we make sure all processes are simplified. From importing and searching between multiple SKUs, to delivering and managing Kaspersky subscriptions for you and your resellers, you save valuable time in your everyday activities!

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Instant activation delivery

Enable your resellers to instantly and securely activate their end-customers’ license subscription with activation codes, right after their Kaspersky purchase.

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Simple purchase process

With a quick and intuitive purchase process for your resellers or end-customers, we have managed to reduce purchase duration and increase efficiency of customer engagement!


Integration Features

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Automatic ordering & provisioning of all Kasperksy products

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Easy-to-use single input Form to purchase Kaspersky products

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Fast product creation Of all kaspersky skus

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Intuitive purchase wizard

Kaspersky 21

Easy import of standard retail prices through an excel file

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Pin tool availability for updating reseller’s pin

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Purchase a Kaspersky Product

Kaspersky products are available in your Marketplace, for your resellers or end-customers! The purchase process can be completed quickly and with ease. Simply, the user searches for Kaspersky products, adds those products to basket, defines the number of seats he wishes to purchase and proceeds to checkout.

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Change the quantity or status of a subscription

Your customers want to increase or decrease the seats of a Kaspersky license? Or even cancel a subscription? They can easily do so from your Marketplace by clicking on the “I want to…” button and selecting the required action! An intuitive wizard will follow to complete the process.


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