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The Azure billing and provisioning experience with interworks.cloud

Key Features for CSPs

Azure Azure


By leveraging the interworks.cloud Credit Control engine, CSPs eliminate the risk of customers consuming Azure resources they cannot afford by setting up a credit limit, consistent with the financial capabilities of each customer

Azure Azure


The interworks.cloud platform collects Azure usage data on a daily basis, so that partners are able to see the current amount, along with an estimated amount of usage till the end of the Azure subscription’s billing cycle.

Azure Azure


The billing engine of the platform issues an itemized consolidated invoice of all Azure services and resources at the end of the billing cycle, minimizing frustration while increasing customer’s awareness over purchased services.

Azure Azure


The Embedded Pricing Calculator is synced with Microsoft and includes all the available Azure modules and resources, enabling CSPs and their customers to calculate the cost of the provisioned services prior to purchasing, based on their dedicated Azure pricelists.

Azure Azure


Budget alerts will give your customers the ability to setup a threshold for the consumption of each of their Azure Plan subscriptions. They can view if the current cost of their Azure Plan subscription is reaching close to the cost budget they defined and get notified about it.

Azure Azure


The Cost Management tool provides in-depth information on Azure Plan level as well as on Azure Subscription level. It provides your customers with visual resource information and historical information of the Azure plan and the underlying Azure subscriptions.


Sell and manage Microsoft Azure the easy way!

See how easily your resellers or end-customers can manage the New Azure plan leveraging the unique features of the interwoks.cloud platform. Azure billing and provisioning is now a piece of cake…

The New Azure Plan in the

interworks.cloud platform

Microsoft has introduced a new commerce experience in Partner Center, the Azure plan. This way Microsoſt partners will gain access to Azure services at pay-as-you-go rates for customers under the Microsoſt Customer Agreement. This plan simplifies the purchase experience since it allows multiple Azure subscriptions in an Azure plan and there is no need to submit a separate order per Azure subscription.

In the interworks.cloud platform, since the introduction of the “New Azure Experience”, our customers will be able to order an Azure Plan instead of a legacy Azure product. The Azure Plan is defined in our platform as a pay-per-use product with consumption-based billing. Additionally, the Azure Plan billing cycle is now calculated from the beginning of a month until its end and the CSP billing date on the Azure Plan will be usually within the first until the eighth day of each following month.

Microsoft Azure 2

Order in a snap

Offer your customers a quick and seamless ordering process for the new Azure Plan! When your customer or reseller logs in to your Marketplace he can purchase an Azure Plan, by adding it in his basket. The price, when ordering an Azure Plan, will always be zero (0) for all currencies by default, since it is a consumption-based product. By selecting the Add to Basket action, the Plan will be added in the basket so that you may proceed towards the checkout. It’s so easy!

For customers that are managed from direct CSPs, Microsoft allows only one Azure plan. Similarly, for resellers that are managed from indirect CPSs, Microsoſt allows only one Azure plan per indirect reseller.

Microsoft Azure 3
Microsoft Azure 4

Billing an Azure Plan

For an Azure Plan, which contains Azure subscriptions, the billing cycle in the interworks.cloud platform is aligned and fixed to Microsoft’s Azure billing cycle, meaning that it is always a calendar month. Once an invoice billing record is available from Microsoſt, our platform receives it and generates the final invoice. On the sneak peek you will notice that the lines in this Azure Plan invoice are identical with the lines you see in the reconciliation file Microsoſt produces for your Azure Plan entitlements.

Keep in mind, the invoice for an Azure Plan is generated when Microsoft uploads the Azure reconciliation file in your partner center account!

Leverage interworks.cloud Azure Budget Alerts

Offer your customers piece of mind with custom notifications upon crossovers on Azure plan subscriptions and never again let them lose track of their Azure resource spending. Budget Alerts allow your resellers or direct customers to setup a threshold for the consumption of each of their Azure Plan subscriptions. They can view if the current cost of their subscription is reaching close to the cost budget they defined and receive notifications for their predefined alerts.

Note that defining a budget alert does not limit the resource consumption for the customer. The budget alert mechanism is solely for information purposes and not for setting a cap in the Azure Plan resource management instance.

Microsoft Azure 5
Microsoft Azure 6

Visually monitor the amounts spent on Azure subscriptions

The interworks.cloud Cost Management tool will provide in-depth, visual and historical information on Azure Plan and Azure Subscription level. Bar charts, line charts, pie charts and more will provide your resellers or end-customers with mission critical data for their Azure plan and all pay-per-use subscriptions, saving them time from manual checks and calculation of the consumption.

Increase your customers’ stickiness to your business, help them optimize their day-to-day activities and finally reduce the risk of unwanted overcharged bills.

Sell and Manage Microsoft Azure with interworks.cloud