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Cloud Commerce Platform
for Adobe Distributors

Purchase, provision, and bill Adobe services automatically. Help your resellers offer a streamlined experience.

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Automate your customer journey with Adobe’s VIP MP

The Adobe Value Incentive Plan Marketplace (VIP MP) enables businesses to sell Adobe Team and Enterprise Products through marketplaces.

Automate your entire Adobe customer journey, and enable your resellers to enjoy a seamless online purchasing experience, target new markets and grow recurring revenues.

Enrich your product portfolio and scale your Adobe business with the platform.

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Stop worrying about manual renewals and billing

Adobe VIP MP 13

Expand your business

Join new ecosystems, reach broader customer segments and grow your business. Add Adobe to your portfolio, one of the biggest software SaaS vendors

Adobe VIP MP 14

Leverage robust automations

Simplify the Adobe VIP MP offerings and automate your purchasing, provisioning & billing

Adobe VIP MP 15

Reduce your customers’ churn

Leverage the auto-renewal feature, grow your recurring revenues and icrease your customers’ lifetime value

Adobe VIP MP 16

Customize your Marketplace

Sell online and customize your own Marketplace according to your needs

Adobe VIP MP 17

Automate the manual processes

Reduce the admin tasks & human-caused mistakes

Adobe VIP MP 18

Achieve a faster time-to-value

Begin with a custom-made onboarding and let your own Customer Success Manager drive you to success

Adobe VIP MP 19

Migrate fast the old subscriptions

Accellerate the migration of your old subscriptions to VIP MP. Do it easily and effortlesly

Adobe VIP MP 13

Offer a streamlined resellers’ experience

Easily onboard new Resellers and manage their lifecycle


Take full advantage of our Adobe VIP MP state-of-the-art integration

Adobe VIP MP 21

Migrate fast the old subscriptions

Adobe VIP MP 22

Product catalog automation

Adobe VIP MP 23

Auto-renewal option

Adobe VIP MP 24

Offer volume pricing discounts automatically

Adobe VIP MP 25

360o subscription management

Adobe VIP MP 26

Streamlined online experience for Resellers

Adobe VIP MP 28

We’re pleased to work with as they immediately moved their Platform to Adobe, allowing us to support our partners, in simplifying the complexity and driving mutual customer success in this era of rapid digital transformation. Without the automation that provides, it would be extremely difficult to manage the business and achieve the scale that we want as we grow.

Mauro Bernardini

BU Manager Computer Gross

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