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A New Era for your Marketplace

Increase your sales pipeline and empower your customers with our brand new features

Budget Alerts

Your customers will never lose track again of their Azure resource spending and let their bills skyrocket! With the addition of Budget Alerts’, the Marketplace user will set an alert threshold on-top of a budget that will allow him to receive notifications upon a pre-defined budget.

“Bring peace of mind to your customers by allowing them to set budget thresholds and receive email notifications upon crossovers!”

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  • budgetSet and edit a Budget threshold on any Azure Subscription
  • budget Set and edit multiple Alert thresholds on each Budget
  • budgetReceive notifications for predefined alerts
  • budgetView all pre-set Budget Alerts on the Azure Subscription view


Azure Cost Management

Stacked bar charts, pie and line charts will provide your resellers with visual information and in-depth historical data for all pay-per-use subscriptions. With the upcoming core feature of Cost Management, your customers will save time from the manual check and calculation of the consumption of the Azure subscriptions and optimize their decisions on resource spending.

”A great cloud budget management tool for monitoring the amounts spent on Azure subscriptions,,




Your Responsive Marketplace

Almost three-quarters of internet users worldwide will access the web exclusively via their mobile and tablet devices by 2025, equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people! What you need is a great Marketplace which is optimized and adaptable for mobile browsing.

A responsive Marketplace rearranges elements to fit any screen, so you’ll get more happy visitors which also leads to more customers! We now give the ability to your resellers to use all Marketplace features on-the-go, monitor their cloud sales and take business decisions outside the office.



Enjoy the benefits

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Make changes quickly and easily to your Marketplace, which automatically adapts to all of your customer’s devices.

A New Era for your Marketplace 2


Your customers will love the Marketplace for its ease of use!

A New Era for your Marketplace 3


Increase your cloud sales by giving your customers the opportunity to place orders on the go!

A New Era for your Marketplace 4


Monitor cloud sales and take business decisions on the go.

A New Era for your Marketplace 5


Take your business with you, everywhere you go.


Α whole new Marketplace experience



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