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Microsoft Software Subscriptions: the new member to our family of integrations


Microsoft Software Subscriptions combine the immediate availability of Windows Server and SQL Server Subscriptions through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. By bringing Software Subscriptions with Azure Hybrid Benefit to CSP, Microsoft is better enabling partners to grow their cloud solution practice by employing low-cost Azure VMs & Server Software. Until now, CSP partners have been able to sell only Pay-as-you-Go Azure virtual machines and had to use other licensing programs to acquire Software Subscriptions for Windows Server and SQL Server.


Microsoft Software Subscriptions along with our recent integration, Azure Reserved Instances, form Hybrid Benefits, a cost-effective proposition for those seeking a solution for persistent and predictable workloads. But Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) face some challenges to help their customers leverage those benefits to their full potential.


Long-term licenses at a sharp discount


Similar to how Microsoft Azure Reserved Instances work, Software Subscriptions allow customers to reserve a Server or SQL license for one or three years. The main benefit is cost. Prices are substantially lower than paying for the same services under a Pay-as-you-Go scheme during the same period. Customers buying into both schemes also qualify for Azure Hybrid Benefit. According to Microsoft, this leads to savings up to 80% on Windows Server, and 55% on migrations to Azure SQL. Resellers gain access to a vast array of market leading software offerings that their customers demand.


An attractive offering, but daunting without interworks.cloud


So far so good. However, CSPs can feel a bit overwhelmed when looking into offering Software Subscriptions to their customers. Some of the things that might prove hard to cope with are that:


– Acquiring, billing and delivering Windows Server and SQL Server are all separate processes that are managed by separate systems. – They are juggling multiple licensing programs to buy the subscriptions for their clients.

– Updating the Software Subscriptions catalogue is a tedious manual task, that is even trickier considering that Microsoft updates its offering constantly, and

– Setting up a self-fulfillment portal for end customers is not directly supported and needs to be done from scratch.


Software Subscriptions made easy by the interworks.cloud platform


These are some of the same challenges that CSPs faced when Microsoft just launched Reserved Instances. As we did with that offering, we have now integrated Software Subscriptions with the interworks.cloud platform. It integrates acquisition, billing, provisioning and delivery into one easy to use environment, and offers 24/7 product availability. Importantly, CSPs get regular updates on pricing and offerings of the Software Subscriptions catalogue with the click of a button. Finally, the interworks.cloud platform integrates with third party solutions, including ERP and CRM systems, offering a streamlined overview of orders and billing.


microsoft software subscriptions


Simple ordering process for your customers or resellers from your Marketplace


The benefit for the partner translates one to one to their customers. Because we already offer Azure Reserved Instances in our platform, CSP customers can benefit from the Azure Hybrid Benefit. They also retain full control thanks to an easy self-fulfillment system that allows them to purchase new subscriptions in just a few steps.


The synergy the integration of Software Subscriptions creates with the integration of Azure Reserved Instances within the interworks.cloud platform means Cloud Service Providers can now offer something truly complete and cost-effective. And that means more time and resources to explore new business.



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