Microsoft CSP
Automation Platform

Microsoft Direct and Indirect CSPs leverage the Microsoft CSP Platform by
to easily sell, provision and bill Microsoft cloud services.

Get started with a custom marketplace

Launch a fully custom-branded marketplace, where your customers can order, provision and bill Office 365, Azure and other cloud services seamlessly. Let them upgrade, downgrade, or cancel subscriptions and purchase add-ons based on their ongoing needs. You can even control your customers spend with usage estimations and a real-time consumption overview of cloud services. Overcome billing complexity with automated invoicing and choose among multiple charge types and models.

Microsoft CSP Platform Features

Cloud Billing

Cloud Billing

Handle every type of billing scenario. Configure pricing, generate automated invoices, manage and bill subscriptions.
Key features

Cloud Provisioning

Cloud Provisioning

Provision and manage automatically Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, Azure Reserved Instances and other cloud services.
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Cost Management

Cost Management

Help your customers keep track of their Azure spending. Now they can monitor the amounts spend on Azure subscriptions and set budget alerts.
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Integrations and APIs

Integrations & APIs

Connect your Billing, ERP, CRM, Ticketing or e-Commerce system with zero development effort.
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Expand your
Microsoft Cloud Offerings

Office 365

Combine collaboration and productivity with world-class security, and take your cloud business to the next level. Automate the billing, provisioning and recurring payments of Microsoft 365 subscriptions and save valuable time for your team.



Offer your customers a seamless buying experience of Azure Plan SKUs. Help them optimize their day-to-day activities and reduce the risk of overcharged bills with unique features like Azure Budget Alerts and Cost Management.


Microsoft Azure Reserved
Instances & Subscriptions

Allow your customers to meet fast-growing demand – give them valuable stability by reserving exactly the resources they need cost-effectively.


Azure Pack

Deliver IaaS Solutions to your end-customers and fully control your spending budget. Allow them to purchase Azure Pack resources without the unwanted surprises of usage-based scenarios.


Do it all with the platform

Microsoft Direct and Indirect CSPs can sell, provision, and bill cloud services from the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program – all from one single platform.

Create a custom branded marketplace for your cloud services and keep your product catalog updated every month with Microsoft’s continuous changes. Simplify your billing process with automated invoicing for recurring services. Upsell and cross-sell with product bundles and combine multiple cloud products in one single Product SKU. Monitor your customers’ performance with advanced reporting and analytic dashboards and protect your business by enabling credit controls and notifications. Integrate your ERP, CRM, accounting or ticketing system with zero development effort using our integration framework. Get in-depth and strategic guidance with our advanced onboarding to grow your business with our robust Microsoft CSP platform.

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More than 80% of our customers rate our Microsoft CSP Platform with 9/10

Save moneySave money

Save more than €4.000 per month on billing and invoicing

Increase productivityIncrease productivity

Increase your company’s productivity by 40%.

Cut down on administrative tasksCut down on administrative tasks

Cut down on repetitive administration tasks

Onboard new customersOnboard new customers

Generate a pipeline by onboarding new customers on the CSP program

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