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Robust Microsoft CSP Billing

Selling, provisioning and billing made easier than ever. Leverage the platform to streamline your business.

Microsoft CSP Billing Automation

Handle multiple billing scenarios and support various pricing models. Robust Billing for Distributors, Microsoft CSPs and Cloud MSPs.

Easily create and update your cloud product catalog, using Vendor integration modules and apply margin or mark-up pricing rules to reflect your commercial policy. Reduce time spent on recurring billing tasks and embrace the benefits of automated billing.

Grow your cloud business, sell in multiple countries, languages and taxation systems and support more than 15 currencies. Minimize risks by applying credit limits and leverage numerous payment gateways. Freely draw your commercial selling policies and support advanced scenarios using multi-level pricing options.

Scale-out your recurring business by efficiently managing trial and paid subscriptions, allow for auto-renewals, upgrades and downgrades, cancellations and add-ons. Benefit from the automation offered by a complete all-in-one cloud platform.

Easily reconcile with Vendors and ensure that your valued customers are billed correctly, according to their frequency preferences, with one aggregated invoice. Integrate with your existing ERP software to extend automation capabilities.

Billing Features

You are in good hands. Having onboarded 100+ Microsoft CSPs, Cloud Service Providers and Cloud Distributors we know the billing pains you face and how to effectively solve them.

Pricing Flexibility

The platform offers pricing flexibility via multiple pricing options. Easily creates, bills and provisions cloud products and services, based on the specific charge type of each service (one-off, recurring, pay-per-use).

Invoice & Taxation

Issue automated invoices for recurring services or manual invoices for pay-per-use or one-off services. Utilize multiple taxation models, including multi-state, multi-region taxation, product type taxation, and stay current with the latest tax regulations via our integration with Avalara.

Collection & Payments

Apply a variety of payment terms and rules to ensure collection automation with multiple payment methods and gateways. The platform facilitates automated payments and supports payment clearance via PayPal,, Paymill and more.


Define custom billing periods and pro-ration easily. Apply multiple pricing rules and volume discounts. With the platform, you simplify recurring billing and you can effectively manage subscriptions while keeping a record of all transactions.

Budget alerts

Help your customers eliminate their financial risks by setting up a threshold for the consumption of their Azure Plan subscriptions. Your customers can this way achieve better budget control by getting notfications that warn them when they reach close to their budget.

CSP Specific Billing

Activate free first billing period and price protection and transform Microsoft’s billing rules to a competitive advantage for your CSP business. Save time and avoid frustration with auto-updating of the Office 365 catalog. Enjoy easy and robust reconciliation with Microsoft.

Sell More with Product Bundles

Increase your customers’ lifetime value and stickiness to your company, by offering product bundles, ideally created to address their business needs! Combine multiple XaaS products in one single Product SKU, build special discount policies and manage a single subscription as well as a single billing event. Promote your own services along with high demand cloud products or services from other Vendors/ISVs and stay on top of competition with high-valued offerings.


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