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interworks.cloud is leading the conversation on the actual NCE business impact to Microsoft CSPs worldwide


Athens, February 21, 2023 – interworks.cloud, the NCE-compliant cloud commerce platform provider that drives business growth, organized an enlightening and insightful conversation on the real business impact of Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience so far. The Online Panel Discussion on “Microsoft NCE: Explore the business impact on the world’s biggest distributors worldwide”, was hosted by interworks.cloud and moderated by Jay McBain, Chief Analyst at Canalys and 2021 Channel Influencer of the Year. Along with a great group of industry leaders coming from different regions and, of course, Microsoft, the panel dug into what was described as an intense but successful year for CSPs.


The panel consisted of high profile industry executives and decision-makers, of important Distributors from around the world. The audience attending the event joined from 70 different countries, showed great engagement, asking many questions to the panelists and participating in the poll shared. The event reached an interest rate of 87%, confirming that NCE is a hot topic and is still impacting IT businesses worldwide.


The discussion shed light on the challenges and business impact of NCE, with the panelists openly sharing real business stories, giving valuable industry feedback, and explaining how they turned these challenges into opportunities for business growth. Despite the challenges, the NCE provides several opportunities, according to Boris Chodkiewiez, Director at MC3, as promotions are automatically replicated – this was not the case in legacy –  which, in turn, accelerates business and better addresses billing frequency. As Jay McBain pointed out, the interworks.cloud platform orchestrates the billing and invoicing automation, ensuring the credibility partners have with their customers with the panelists agreeing that they are ready to double down on the opportunities and benefits of the interworks.cloud platform.


It was also emphasized that communication with the channel is key in navigating the changes of the NCE. Specifically, personally communicating with all customers is crucial, as Elisabeth Stettler, Lead of Category Software at Alltron explained, and added that it is the personal touch that exactly strengthens a partnership. To this topic, Matthew Whitton, Chief Operating Officer at Climb Global Solutions and Executive Vice President at Grey Matter added the importance of confidence and trust: “Confusion reduces activity rate. If people aren’t confident, they will not have as many conversations on the subject, which is not good for business. Certainties are key for people looking at optimizing services”.


From Microsoft’s viewpoint, Sharon Lubitch, EMEA Partner Transformation Lead, highlighted the commitment of the company towards helping every organization digitally transform their business and the need to not only invest in technology but also in new business models with the NCE being a leap forward, which brought about the need for modernizing their CSP platform.


As is the case with live online events, the panelists happily answered the audience’s questions while a poll was conducted addressing the main focus for 2023 of the live audience. The results were loud and clear: Security is the biggest bet to be won this year as the threats become increasingly sophisticated.



These results confirm the vision of interworks.cloud and the company’s focus on strengthening the security features of the platform with cutting-edge tools and industry best practices, such as the GDAP enablement that has already been released, and upcoming updates, such as built-in Azure budget alerts, and the introduction of a Security Operations Center (SOC) to strengthen the infrastructure security for our platform users.


interworks.cloud was recently included at the “Canalys Channels Ecosystem Landscape 2022” and, as one of the 223 companies worldwide that lead the cloud transformation, will continue to confidently talk NCE and help CSP partners navigate through the challenges enabling them to focus on their growth.


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