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Microsoft Billing Engines – How to shorten the order to cash lifecycle with interworks.cloud


Everyone wants to have more clients. But, when you actually start onboarding more resellers — from all over the world — you start realizing just how hard it is to manage.

Complicated, individualized billing and invoice procedures can quickly make you run out of steam. And that doesn’t just take time and attention from your clients and work, but also lays fertile ground for mistakes and delays.

At interworks.cloud, we have you covered. With our CSP billing engine, you can reduce costs, work with global clients, improve cash flow and minimize credit risk.

interworks.cloud Solution for a Shorter Order to Cash Cycle


interworks cloud billing engine


Pricing options

When you serve more than one client, it can be challenging to adapt the same billing operations for all of them. That’s why it’s helpful to implement flexible pricing systems. The interworks.cloud platform offers multiple pricing options for repetitive operations and subscription-based services. Based on your preferred billing option or a client’s level, interworks.cloud creates bills and provisions of all cloud products and services.

The platform is optimized for CSP-specific billing, which means that despite auto-updates and changes, you will always be on top of all your CSP business operations.

Optimized invoices and payments

Flexibility is also important when it comes to invoicing and taxing customers and suppliers. The interworks.cloud solution takes the load off your shoulders by delivering automated invoices for recurring services, as well as manual ones for pay-per-use services. Our platform also keeps you up to date with the latest regulations and legal requirements so you’re always compliant.

The interworks.cloud platform, optimizes multiple payment methods and gateways to provide an improved experience. That means your clients can use everything from PayPal to Authorize.net, Stripe and more.

Credit controls

Sometimes your clients can get carried away and over-spend on their credit limit. For the sake of your clients’ financial wellbeing and your service, it’s always useful to set credit controls. This way, you can eliminate risks of financial interferences and customer dissatisfaction.


Automated customer monitoring


With multiple service streams, it’s challenging to keep track of all your clients and their purchasing behavior. To keep you on top of it all, the interworks.cloud platform automatically notifies you each time a client reaches a data limit. This allows you to relax and focus on growing your business instead of constantly monitoring customers.


Global opportunities

Cloud technology gave us the incredible opportunity to work without borders. Yet, global business operations come with their own downsides. Different taxation requirements and currencies can cause chaos if not administered properly. Now, the interworks.cloud platform will take care of it for you — allowing you to sell in multiple currencies and apply custom taxation regulations depending on the location.


Your trusted partner

Growing a business is fun, but doing administrative work — not so much. Everything is better with someone by your side to help with cloud business operations. The interworks.cloud platform enables you to accelerate the order to cash cycle and make your business performance more efficient. Therefore, it will not only help you get a better grip on billing procedures, but also establish a more reliable service and help you forget dull administrative work.



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