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interworks.cloud at the White Bull Summit

10/10/2013 | News

interworks.cloud at the White Bull Summit in Barcelona

interworks.cloud has had its share of Barcelona air the last few days as it was one of the Finalists for the Bully Awards 2013, the White Bull Summit in Spain, which took place from Monday the 7th to Wednesday the 9th at Miramar Hotel.

 Interworks.cloud white bull summit

Vassilis Zografos, interworks.cloud CEO @WhiteBullSummit

It was a blast for interworks.cloud. Vassilis Zografos, the company CEO has taken the stand to present the “Greek” way of making innovation in Enterprise software and the cloud, explained the interworks.cloud model to the vast variation of delegates of the Pathways to Exit 2013 and shared thoughts with various interesting people there, from accomplished journalists to entrepreneurs who invent technology and good ideas in Europe.

What about these kind events, you might ask. Well, there’s much about these events. You get to know people who, just like you, have had a great idea and worked into realizing it. Big or small, depends on the stage each innovation it is in. Yet, most of the people meeting in summits like the Pathways to Exit, are entrepreneurs who have already made their ideas work and want to grow them bigger.

On the other hand you get to receive valuable insight from people who have been in the business of technology and start-ups for years. People who have covered the process of start-ups into becoming huge and widely used. People who have funded such endeavors. You get to know how they appreciate your innovation and what possibilities they can see behind it.

All in all? Attending start up and technology summits is good. Actually, it’s great. So, although we didn’t get the Award, to all the new friends we’ve made at the White Bull Summit 2013, it has been a pleasure and see you all soon.