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G Suite: The only tool you need to manage it easily


G Suite’s demand isn’t just there, it’s growing. Now, small and medium sized companies who used Google for email and simple document sharing are looking to upgrade to the entire suite as their business grows so they can have better oversight, collaboration and even security.

While the demand for G Suite is a great opportunity to expand your own business, integrating a new cloud platform could also slow down your operations as you try and keep up with all the new customers and integrations. You need one tool that can help you manage G Suite just as easily as you’re able to sell it. You need something to manage billing, ordering, customer support, reporting and other daily operations and administrative tasks.

With interworks.cloud and their new G Suite integration, you can do all of this. Effectively manage your workflow, self-brand your marketplace, offer customers the G Suite solutions they need and continue to sell and promote all of your other cloud products. Currently Google rebranded G Suite to Google Workspace. Google’s set of productivity apps include Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet and many more that will help companies streamline their collaboration. In spite of Google’s rebranding, interworks.cloud automation platform is fully optimized for Google Workspace and can help you manage all your processes.

One Tool For Managing G Suite: interworks.cloud


Adding G Suite (Google Workspace) to your lineup of products and services is a great way to increase revenue and diversify your offerings. interworks.cloud automation platform is the only tool you’ll need to manage this new cloud offering, maintain total control over your cloud business and provide a seamless customer experience.

  • The Best G-Suite Plans and Editions

Selling G Suite (Google Workspace) is even easier when you can offer clients all of the plans and editions to choose from. With interworks.cloud, you can provide a comprehensive range of G Suite (Google Workspace) plans — like monthly or yearly billing — alongside the editions they need to grow, like Basic, Business and Enterprise.

  • One Marketplace

Offer your clients access to G Suite (Google Workspace) alongside all of your other products and services in your very own personalized marketplace. Working with interworks.cloud means you can customize everything — from the look of the marketplace to the products you offer. But no matter what you tweak, all clients’ marketplaces are easy to navigate for a smooth purchasing experience.

  • Automated Provisioning

With automatic provisioning, you can easily setup and quickly sell, G Suite (Google Workspace) cloud services to your resellers or end-customers. You and your customers will also benefit from quick, automated delivery and on-demand ordering.

  • Automated Global Billing and Payments

You can also apply your own automated billing rules to facilitate even the most complex billing scenarios. Everything from credit controls, free first billing period, price-protection and monthly invoicing, to selling in multiple currencies, applying country specific taxation rules and more. Billing clients of all sizes, all over the world, has never been easier.

  • Easy User Management

With interworks.cloud you can manage all of your different users in one place quickly and simply. Easily create a subscription and activate it, as well as update, suspend or cancel that subscription if needed. You can even leverage customer level pricing and enjoy the flexibility of applying a variety of different pricing rules per service/per level.

You are now able to self-brand your marketplace to not only sell your new G Suite (Google Workspace) products, but all of your current cloud offerings, too. The interworks.cloud solution is comprehensive, far reaching and allows you to manage a global clientele easily. Get in touch today to learn more about interworks.cloud and their G Suite (Google Workspace) integration.



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