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G Suite Plans: All You Need To Elevate Your Business


Reselling SaaS solutions from different vendors means coping with different ways of provisioning, invoicing, and other cumbersome administrative tasks. But you also want to give your end-users access to their preferred productivity tool. Through interworks.cloud, you could already automate easily the provisioning of popular cloud solutions, such as Office 365. However, we keep expanding and we are listening carefully to market demand. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve added Google’s G Suite to our set of integrations!


G Suite — which provides powerful collaboration tools for mid-market enterprises — is a natural next step for many businesses already familiar with Google platforms like Gmail and Google Drive. The new integration with interworks.cloud provides billing, ordering, self-service management and customer automation, allowing you to deliver Google’s G Suite products to businesses faster than ever.


g suite plan


Different G Suite plans for different end-users


So which G Suite plans are at your disposal? Below, we’re outlining the most popular plans, which of your clients they’re best for, and how you can use G Suite on interworks.cloud to enhance your own business. Let’s get started.

1. G Suite Business Plan


While we’re skipping over the lowest-grade option of G Suite Basic because it just doesn’t have the capabilities a mid-market enterprise would need, the more comprehensive plans are based on this basic plan. With all of the G Suite editions, enterprises get access to standard features such as business email linked to your domain, shared calendar, the ability to create collaborative G Suite documents, secure messaging, voice and video conferencing and basic security and administration controls.


Now, the G Suite Business option goes beyond these basic offerings to offer unlimited cloud storage, collaborative team drives, smart search across the entire suite and access to a low-code app development environment. It also offers enhanced security capabilities like access to the alert center, the ability to archive emails and chats as well as set retention policies and get user audit reports. Finally, there’s eDiscovery for emails chats and files. With G Suite Business plan, you pretty much have total oversight and seriously enhanced collaboration capabilities. This makes it a great choice for a business that’s looking to get serious about integration and collaboration, or the enterprise that’s looking to avoid growing pains. The G Suite Business plan gives them the basic capabilities they need to align on tasks while allowing administrators to take control of the reigns in a way they just weren’t able to before.


2. G Suite Enterprise Plan


While the G Suite Business plan might seem comprehensive, it’s not going to prove powerful enough for companies who are quickly scaling, managing a larger number of employees and who need to implement serious security measurements. With the Enterprise edition, this is all possible with an enhanced suite of services. Of course, the G Suite Enterprise edition includes all of the capabilities of Basic and the comprehensive additions included in Business. But, in addition, it offers the highest level of administrative control that Google offers like the ability to scan emails for specific content, powerful preventative data loss features and enterprise-class meeting facilities — allowing 30 people to join a hangout and the ability to record and store the meetings in Google Drive.


But, what’s so appealing about the Enterprise edition is the shift in focus on security. Not only will businesses have the added support of third-party archiving products to store critical emails, but they’ll be able to implement security keys for users to safely sign into their accounts, leverage S/MIME Encryption, and automate mobile device management to trigger alerts for suspicious activities. G Suite Enterprise plan costs significantly more than the business edition, but something Google likes to stress is that Enterprise doesn’t have to be leveraged for every account. You can easily allow parts of the business to use Enterprise while other teams may use Business for their day to day operations. So where costs are concerned, this too can be managed even with the most expensive and comprehensive suite.


G Suite For You


If you’re a Google Partner or intending to become one, the reselling of G Suite is now faster than ever. Once Google approves your request to resell their solutions, you can securely deliver the increasingly requested G Suite of products to your customers with ease, while automating your client’s ordering, provisioning and invoicing as well as provide competitive pricing. Better yet, interworks.cloud also gives them access to our industry-leading marketplace experience alongside other cloud services they already resell.


So, are you ready to benefit from the new business opportunities our platform provides? Get in touch today to learn more about how we can set you and your clients up for success with interworks.cloud and G Suite.




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