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A well managed and trackable sales cycle is critical to any business. With the platform Opportunity Management extension, you can have visibility of all opportunities created at each stage of the sales cycle– and easily focus on your next steps. Convert leads to Opportunities with a click of a button and track them anytime via your Accounts tab. Manage your sales process by prioritizing, managing continuous workflows, collaborating with your team on specific deals and forecasting the sales pipeline.


Provide your sales executives with an easy to use extension on top of the platform, by enabling them to create quotes in a snap and provide special pricing to their customers. Give them a better path to manage the quotes effortlessly and simplify the process of sending the business offer to the customer. Easily manage products, prices and convert the Offers to Orders in one click.


Manage your customers more effectively by handling contracts and other special sales agreements with the Contracts Management extension. Link your contracts with new and existing subscriptions and attach important documents to each contract. Αutomatically renew a contract, set sales goals and assign team members responsible for each contract. An easy to use tool for setting up agreements, calculating and reporting on sales transactions while generating credit invoices that book the financial impact. You can also define discounts, special price lists per customer and various sales terms.


    Promotions can be integrated into the platform as an extension. Our software automates promotional processes for marketing and sales and can help you reach new and existing customers. Become more effective on selling cloud services by offering to your customers valuable signup incentives, i.e. 1 month + 1 month free, buy and get # extra of XXXX, one off promotions, recurring, requirements/etc. Plan and execute your promotions plans through the powerful platform!


    Manage and monitor your campaigns easily in one convenient place. An easy to use tool where you can have clear visibility of the status of an account linked to a specific campaign. You have the flexibility to link an offer, an opportunity and measure the results that a campaign has driven. A module that is fully adjustable to your needs and you can have all the data you need in one screen! Make decisions where to best spend your marketing dollars based on ROI and generate more Leads!


    Link your web site to automatically generate leads into the platform. Identify the hottest leads in no time by adding the right status to your lead. Change from cold to working and from qualifying to active in no time! The process creates a useful architecture for an organization of data, distributed across the various stages of a sales process, and across a distributed sales force. Furthermore, segment leads in the platform based on industry, channel, lead source, geography or other attributes you may want and create appealing offers. Easily create a new lead and track their progress to ensure follow-up, and offer support when needed to increase close rates.



Effectively handle customer support tickets via one single portal. Track, prioritize, and automate ticket resolution processes to drive efficiency in your organization. Use custom notifications and alerts, be responsive and make it easy for your users to track their IT needs. Sort all your tickets, assign tickets to team members, respond to urgent tickets and close resolved ones, log time worked, change priorities, and more by adding a powerful ticketing managment system to your existing platform.