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COSMO CONSULT – Microsoft Direct CSP


success story

In an nutshell

German-based COSMO CONSULT has operations across Europe and reach as far as Latin America and Hong Kong. Its 1,200 employees share a vision to unlock the power of people to help customers succeed, something that plays out in being a fully embedded partner in customer ecosystems. By 2017, the company was developing plans for an efficient, global platform that would support multi-tenancy and drive customer convenience – the COSMO CONSULT Marketplace. After success with an initial solution, interworks.cloud was shortlisted in the search for a more ambitious platform. The company’s collaborative, needs-based approach, resulted in interworks.cloud’s Diamond Edition being selected in 2019. Not only was the solution cost-competitive, but in VAS Value Added Solutions GmbH and interworks.cloud, COSMO CONSULT saw true ecosystem partners who could understand its customers deeply and rapidly adapt to future needs. After rollout to existing customers, implementation has centered on integrated billing and ERP and an APIenhanced SaaS portfolio. All COSMO CONSULT solutions, which are relevant for the Marketplace, are now showcased inan impressive, intuitive interface. In addition, monthly fixed platform costs have been reduced by over 50%. What’s more, high levels of acceptance of the new platform among customers and internally are helping drive rapid progress on a clear roadmap to future growth and enhancements.


Their story

Founded in 1996, the COSMO CONSULT Group is one of the world’s leading providers of Microsoft-based industry and end-to-end business solutions, with more than 1,200 employees at 46 locations around the world, 14 of which are in Germany. The software and consulting company is thus able to provide state-of-the-art solutions for all business processes – from the first customer contact to after-sales service. Its main target group consists of companies from the fields of discrete and process manufacturing, trade, construction and services. The product portfolio is complemented
by a broad range of consulting services. This ensures that software and digital transformation solutions that companies implement actually become integrated into the life of the company moving forward. COSMO CONSULT’s solutions are used by the traditional medium-sized companies of Germany’s famous Mittelstand as well as by large international corporations and by innovative start-ups in the e-commerce sector. The COSMO CONSULT Group has offices of its own in Germany, Europe and Latin America. It has a worldwide network of partners in all important economic centers. This enables the software and consulting company to implement digital transformation strategies worldwide in line with uniform specifications. With its combination of global strategy and local presence, COSMO CONSULT guarantees the long-term success of international projects.


To serve customers via a single, efficient, global platform, with the option to operate in local currencies.

To build a comprehensive marketplace that supports multi-tenancy for its international business.

To raise internal awareness of the marketplace’s potential and harness it for customer convenience and success.

A clear roadmap to future platform growth and improvements

Solution & implementation

See what worked

By 2019, COSMO CONSULT had gained valuable experience with an initial platform. Convinced of the potential, they wanted to expand the scope of what customers could do but found themselves coming up against the limits of platform functionality. The ability to operate globally, in a range of currencies, and a need to easily showcase in-house services, were particular drivers. As a result, the company decided to review the platforms available on the market. After issuing a detailed questionnaire, interworks.cloud was shortlisted as a strong candidate. In the discussions that followed, the company’s collaborative, needs-based approach, reflected in its dedicated German country partner, VAS Value Added Solutions GmbH, led to the interworks.cloud Diamond Edition with Distribution Rights being selected as the solution of choice. Not only was it cost competitive, but in VAS and interworks.cloud, COSMO CONSULT saw true ecosystem partners who could understand its customer’s needs deeply and rapidly adapt to future needs. Platform implementation was in progress by the end of the year in clearly defined phases. Phase One, completed in early 2020, saw the new marketplace rolled out to existing customers and a switch from indirect to direct CSP provision. Ongoing implementation has centered on integrated billing and ERP, and an enhanced SaaS portfolio via a Service-Management API.

interworks.cloud's important role


From the outset, COSMO CONSULT was impressed by VAS’s clear approach and CSP expertise. The partnership was reinforced by mutual determination to understand needs in depth, input from a wide range of COSMO CONSULT experts, and the development of a thorough Statement of Work. All discussions were underpinned by clear, open communication. This was further aided by use of the local language and seamless liaison between VAS and interworks.cloud to adapt to changing needs. For example, interworks.cloud’s developers worked quickly to make new Microsoft trial offers for Office 365 and Teams available. The complete solution along with the “can do” partnership, saw onboarding and go live completed in two months and has prompted COSMO CONSULT in a long-term relationship with VAS and interworks. cloud to discuss new ideas and features.


their success

The complete solution along with the “can do” partnership brought some awesome results.

With interworks.cloud, we benefit from a business platform that grows with us and enables us to be optimally prepared for future challenges. In technical terms, it’s precisely tailored to the needs of Microsoft partners. For example, for Microsoft’s product portfolio, we were able to easily link it with our services and solutions. We also like the community model, which is similar to Microsoft 365 – where every new feature is immediately made available to all users.

Martin Thormeyer 

Product Manager Online Shop, COSMO CONSULT, Germany


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