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Provision Everything-as-a-Service. platform is an all-in-one solution for provisioning Microsoft Cloud, IaaS, SaaS, DaaS but also your own ISV cloud services.


cloud provisioning


Confidently and automatically provision Microsoft Cloud services as a Direct [1-Tier] or Indirect [2-Tier] Distributor. Take advantage of the platform’s pre-built integration with Microsoft CSP partner center so you can instantly go to market.
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cloud provisioning


Streamline the order-to-activation process for your customers. Let them order cloud services at a click of a button, activate the automatically provisioned services on the spot and self-manage them through your marketplace, powered by the platform.
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cloud provisioning


Provision services from different cloud instances to a single custom-branded marketplace with the platform. Sell and bill hosted and public cloud services, which are automatically provisioned and can be managed by your customers in a single pane of glass.
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cloud provisioning


Create your own ecosystem of ISVs and provision any service from any cloud, using the service manager API. Provision and sell cloud services from top vendors (i.e. Microsoft) along with new-entry, small or local vendors to extend your competitive advantage in your region.
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Active Integrations for Provisioning

Provisioning of Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, Intune & More.

Automatically provision Microsoft Cloud Services from one or more CSP partner centers with the platform:

  • Ensure the automatic creation and synchronization of your customers’ Microsoft tenants through the marketplace.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with the automatic activation of Microsoft subscriptions via a fully automated order-to-activation process.
  • Increase or decrease the number of Microsoft licenses and have the services automatically provisioned with the platform.
  • Minimize frustration and increase customers’ awareness over pay-per-use charges with the automatic usage collection for Azure subscriptions.
  • Save time with the automatic Microsoft cloud catalog update for new or discontinued plans.
  • Deliver Microsoft Cloud services from multiple partner centers to a single marketplace with the platform.



Provisioning of SaaS and DaaS

Provision top selling cloud applications from top cloud vendors  by taking advantage of the existing integrations of platform.

  • Monetize backup market growth by offering your customers a trustworthy and easy-to-setup backup solution. Deploy Acronis Cloud Backup in any cloud, Microsoft Azure, or even your own cloud and go-to-market NOW!

  • Expand your market with the platform integration with G Suite! Combine reselling of G Suite with other cloud services you already resell!

  • Integrate with Panda Cloud Protection Suite, using the platform and present your customers with an end-to-end cloud protection, monitoring and device management solution!

  • Leverage the existing integration of the platform with Cloud Jumper to offer Cloud Workspaces with your own unique templates and application bundles.

Do you want to add to your cloud catalog services by vendors of your choice? With the platform Service Manager API everything is possible!

Windows Azure Pack: A new approach for service providers to deliver IaaS solutions

Service Providers that have invested on offering Windows Azure Pack solutions can now easily differentiate from their competition even more by taking advantage of the platform integration for WAP. Here’s how:

  • Offer an easy like Azure experience to customers. Similar to Windows Azure, end users can access the pricing calculator through your marketplace and create the hosting plan they want to purchase. The plan’s price is automatically calculated and provisioned to Windows Azure Pack, leaving no room for errors or unwanted over usage.

  • Protect your customers and your cloud business with credit limits. This automation suspends automatically and/or notifies users’ Azure Pack subscriptions when an account either exceeds its credit limit or is about to.

  • Differentiate from Azure by providing your end users the capability to purchase Azure Pack resources without the surprises of usage based scenarios. The platform for Azure Pack allows users to select the resources they want and automatically creates a hosting plan, allowing them to fully control their spending budget.

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