Cloud Marketplace

Your next cloud marketplace for selling and managing end-to-end cloud services.

Holistic Cloud Markeplace Experience

Design, manage and sell practically any cloud service you want from a powerful, end-to-end platform. Add products and categories, manage accounts, users and subscriptions, create invoices, streamline your billing, and, most importantly, empower your customers with a next-gen Marketplace experience.

Launch a custom-branded marketplace

Create your own custom-branded, SEO-ready Marketplace and let your customers seamlessly manage their cloud services through a responsive interface even on the go. Add your own look & feel, align your Marketplace with your brand identity and provide your customers with a unified experience.

Sell any product or service

Our Marketplace is already integrated with all leading vendors allowing you to sell practically any product or service, and even add your own. Just choose how the products will be offered, how will be billed and whether they’ll include add-ons or will be part of bundles. The possibilities are endless!

Manage your product catalog easily

Manage your entire product catalog easily and hassle-free. Categorize your products, set special categories, enable cross-selling and define which products or offers will be prominent on your Marketplace home page. It’s so easy to stand out!

Automate your billing

Billing multiple products from diverse vendors means trouble, right? Well, no more! Our platform provides powerful billing capabilities that allow you to easily manage subscriptions, price lists and invoices so that you can automate your billing processes according to your business needs.
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Key Features

The platform is the only cloud marketplace that gives you all the power you need to efficiently manage and provision your cloud services, handle your orders, and maintain a crystal-clear billing relationship with your customers. Live the next-gen marketplace experience and give your customers the ability to self-register and manage their subscriptions and users quickly using SSO. By tailoring your offerings to customers’ demands, you can stand out as their preferred distributor

Products & Services

Easily create your own catalog of custom cloud services and increase your revenue significantly by selling 24/7. Offer your customers a wide array of product types and billing options. Publish your products on your marketplace and enable cross-selling. Sell your own managed services and create competitive packages that exceed your customers' needs.

Ordering & Provisioning

Let your customers browse through your cloud catalog, select the service plan they need and seamlessly order it at a click of a button. Let them schedule their future orders or provision their services immediately.

Billing & Payments

Set up credit limits for your customers, allow them to pay with credit cards, in their currency of choice, and comply with specific taxation rules. Your customers can check their account balance on your Marketplace and maintain a crystal-clear & long-lasting billing relationship, based on trust.

Subscription Management

Give your customers the ability to self-manage their subscriptions and perform actions such as increasing, decreasing, & canceling of licenses not only immediately but also on subscription renewal. Boost their autonomy and let them control what they spend with usage estimations and real-time consumption overviews for pay-per-use services like Azure plan.

Single Sign-On & Access Management

Help your customers easily log in with Single-Sign-On (SSO). We integrate with popular Identity providers like Azure AD, Google Accounts, or even integrate with your own one. Use Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to assign different roles to your Marketplace users and allow them to access specific functionalities based on their role needs.

Customer Targeting

Whether you selling to end customers or to your Resellers, differentiate the product & prices that each customer can see according to your commercial agreements, policies, or even market countries/ locations.


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