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Microsoft Direct CSP,

Risc IT Solutions has seen an increase in its productivity after implementing the interworks.cloud platform. Automation has enabled a customer oriented focus allowing it to differentiate and standout in its market.

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Risc IT Solutions joins interworks.cloud ecosystem to offer a unique selling experience to their partner network with Microsoft integration and automated cloud service provisioning. Risc IT Solutions was established 15 years ago. It pioneered the online data backup model to SMEs in the UK and was the first true cloud business in Wales. The team is located in the inspiring setting of a converted church in Llandudno, UK.


Risc IT Solutions has grown into a successful award-winning IT business with a network of 250 channel partners selling its IT solutions to every corner of the UK. The church is a technology cluster; a dynamic mix of talent, expertise, innovation and inspiration. Risc IT Solutions is proud of its team of cloud experts. They provide the right IT solutions to partners to help them enhance their business and enable their customers to work smarter by embracing the cloud.


To provide a seamless and secure customer experience with automated provisioning of cloud services

To introduce new services to their sales channels at the speed of business

To be more responsive to customers during the pre-sales and post-sales processes

Business Challenge

Automatic process for partner on-boarding

Self-provisioning and tracking of customers’ own services and usage

Reduce the time spent on pre-sales calls


interworks.cloud’s solution for automating the sales, management and provisioning of Cloud Services, as well as the experience of the interworks.cloud project leaders on the overall operations of a cloud business, were factors that contributed to the success of this case study.

The solution was deployed on Risc IT Solutions’ premises. The on-boarding process commenced straight away. The Customer Success Department guided the Risc IT Solutions team through the features and workflows of the interworks.cloud platform and also shared best practice and business knowledge about Office 365 operations. All project phases were completed on time, through efficient and active collaboration from both project teams.

Leveraging the “white label” marketplace functions, the Risc IT Solutions’ marketing team accessed all the necessary tools to present a marketplace for cloud services branded in the Risc IT Solutions’ corporate identity.

After adopting the interworks.cloud platform Risc IT Solutions was able to handle subscriptions, to automate provisioning and have vertical control of their cloud business. They are now using one single platform for all cloud services and directly sell Office 365 along with their own products, such as cloud CRM and other leading edge cloud solutions. Also, with the use of the Billing API, Risc IT Solutions was able to integrate its current accounting software saving even more time and effort.


Sales team are now less involved in pre-sales scoping calls and they are automatically informed of all new sales

Tech team now save time as there's no need for them to be involved in provisioning of licenses

Billing service is being automated and more secure as far as customer invoicing is concerned

The audit trail for every new account is available and they can measure the adoption rate, the frequency and each repeat purchase

interworks.cloud's automated business processes have contributed to an increase in our overall productivity. Our teams are no longer restricted by repetitive administration tasks allowing them to channel their energies into building stronger relationships with our partners. In turn our partners can develop their own cloud business, drive efficiency and be more responsive to their customers' needs."

Jeremy Keane, MD, Risc IT Solutions

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