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How a multi-award winning business solution provider achieved substantial cost savings and increased its productivity, by implementing the interworks.cloud platform across its business.

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With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, MicroChannel serves 1,400 medium to large businesses, corporate divisions, government agencies and enterprise organizations. MicroChannel needed a cloud system that could truly provide an all-in-one provisioning and business automation solution.


MicroChannel is a business solutions and technology provider based in Australia with headquarters in Artarmon, NSW. It has multiple offices across Australia as well as in Fiji, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Founded in 1995, MicroChannel employs 300 people and serves over 1,400 customers with ERP, CRM, Warehouse, Retail, IT/Managed Services and Marketing Tech solutions. With over 60 awards received from Microsoft, SAP, Sage and Accellos, MicroChannel stands out from the crowd as one of the most respected solution providers in the whole of Australia.


To eliminate its time-consuming manual ordering and billing processes

To allow the needs of a multi-country, multi-currency organization, to be met

To increase the number of O365 seats being sold

To ensure integration with its existing ERP system and payment gateways

Business Challenge

MicroChannel was seeking a solution that could facilitate the handling of all aspects of its successful and diverse cloud business. As well as being a Microsoft CSP for Australia, MicroChannel also has an extensive IaaS business. It was imperative that during the integration process this side of the business was fully coordinated and managed in a unified manner, to ensure that any costly manual processing was kept to an absolute minimum.


MicroChannel chose to integrate the interworks.cloud platform with its existing ERP setup. This decision was made so that an end-to-end automated flow could be achieved, starting with the customer placing an order online, and continuing to real-time automatic provisioning and billing through its Navision ERP. Due to the number of different services MicroChannel needed to unify, the implementation was phased. Initially the NAV integration system was incorporated and the existing IaaS business was migrated under the interworks.cloud platform. Gradually, the Microsoft CSP business was then brought into the system. This enabled all the different aspects of the MicroChannel cloud business to be unified under one overarching and powerful platform.


Since implementing the interworks.cloud platform, MicroChannel has decreased its annual invoicing costs by $11.000. These funds can then be plowed back into its business. They have also seen the time spent each month on managing billing, reduced by two days. MicroChannel has increased its overall productivity by an impressive 20% as a result of using the automated business processes provided by the interworks.cloud platform.

interworks.cloud is an excellent partner to work with, highly professional and enthusiastic. Our company has received great support, so far, as well as a robust and very reliable system. I can only recommend interworks.cloud’s services and hope our successful cooperation continues.

Shane Scanlon, Chief Information Officer, MicroChannel, Microsoft Direct CSP, Australia

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