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Everything You Need to Know About the Onboarding Experience

07/09/2020 | Blog

The importance of user onboarding cannot be overstated. Done right, it can create a great first impression for your brand or business that will pave the way for easier adoption and growth of your service. Done wrong, it can be a frustrating experience that will diminish the value behind your product.

To get the most out of our platform, it’s a good idea to learn about the onboarding process. Here’s what you can expect at each stage.

What is Onboarding and Why is it Important?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, onboarding is “the action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization or familiarizing a new customer or client with one’s products or services.” It also introduces employees or clients to a new platform or technology.

Efficient onboarding is important for several reasons:

  • It ensures minimal downtime while employees or clients accustom themselves to the new product or service.
  • It minimizes the chance of miscommunication, anxiety, and frustration that may arise due to a lack of understanding.
  • It helps foster a spirit of collaboration between employees, vendors, and stakeholders—as well as between you and your customers

Everything You Need to Know About the Onboarding Experience 1

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It should involve ongoing communication, support, and collaboration to ensure the process is not just effective—but also lays the foundations for a successful partnership between the organization and employee/client and/or technology. These are the principles we base the onboarding process on.

How Does the’s Onboarding Process Work?

By creating a streamlined and collaborative onboarding process, you get the most out of the platform. This is why we take our onboarding process seriously, both for our own employees and our clients. Here’s what you can expect.

1. A Kick-Off Meeting

An initial kick-off meeting is arranged to explain the onboarding process and discuss the major milestones/assumptions/deadlines of the project so the key deliverables are clear. Empathy is important at this stage: we should talk, as well as do plenty of listening.

2. Business Sessions

This is when we explain how the system works so the technicalities are understood. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions and get immediate answers. We also collect details on existing flows and customize the system so it’s tailored to you. Each session presents a specific segment of knowledge about the platform.

3. Tasks / Questions Are Shared

During the onboarding, we undertake multiple parallel tasks including training, rebranding, UAT, and integration. If very fast go-to-market is needed, we can also follow a phased approach.

4. Technology Support

Integrations are important. They are, however, often costly and time-consuming, taking attention away from vital business tasks. Our integration framework makes it easy to connect your existing infrastructure (ERP, CRM, Accounting or Ticketing Software) with your cloud operations using our platform’s open APIs and new Integration Framework. We offer support for popular vendors, including Salesforce and Intuit, and provide open APIs so developers can deploy custom integrations.

5. Monitoring

We monitor the project using collaboration tools that record all pending tasks, UAT scenarios, guides, and so on. This gives us better insight into how the software is being used and if there’s room for optimization.

Feedback is a great way to improve the experience, so we check in with you and match monitoring and feedback sessions to key milestones in your onboarding journey.

6. Guiding Each Project to the End

We know every project and business is different, which is why we remain flexible with our onboarding. We have dedicated Customer Success Consultants for every project. We pursue an active onboarding process where the customer can feel like we are part of their team.

In a study by Harvard Business Review, one of the most important aspects of a client’s service is simply “making it easy,” and we’ve made this a priority.

Here’s what some of our clients have said:

We experienced a very smooth migration from the old platform to the platform. The team was always very supportive and ready to help.
-Alltron, Switzerland is an excellent partner to work with, highly professional and enthusiastic. Our company received great support during the onboarding and after, as well as a robust and very reliable system.
-MicroChannel, Australia is an award-winning automation platform for Microsoft service providers and cloud distributors. We offer automatic billing, a subscription pricing model, and full support throughout the onboarding process. Request a free demo today to find out how we can elevate your business to the next level.