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Automatically update your Microsoft Services Catalog with the platform!

25/08/2017 | Blog

Being a CSP is not easy… We know that for sure! You have a lot of things to do and keeping your product catalog aligned with all the changes Microsoft does every month, is a very demanding task to do. But you don’t have to worry again, each time Microsoft makes a change to the product catalog, because we have amazing news to share. The platform now supports automatic update of MS cloud services catalog!

So, a time consuming task is to update Microsoft Catalog, each time Microsoft releases a corresponding update.  This is something that could be done for more than 400 products… Quite tedious, don’t you think? More over, Microsoft is constantly changing their pricing, so you must continuously keep up-to-date, and a human error may lead to a wrong price and consequently to revenue loss. Now imagine that you can reduce your workload by 90% and your error rate by 100%! The answer to your problem is the automatic update of MS Services Catalog supported by the platform. Take your cloud business to the next level with our platform was more than just a promise. We are committed to provide you with the most useful and easy to use cloud platform that can meet all your needs!

The automatic update is based on the usage of Microsoft API in order to populate your system with all Microsoft products and add-ons, localized to your language and specific to the region(s) you operate. The biggest values of our solution are:

  • You can rapidly and with a few clicks add, change or remove MS products and start selling in no time
  • With our reconciliation tool you will be sure that you will never miss out on revenue again
  • An instant comparative report of what has changed will be available with crucial insights

​​Now lets walk through together to the steps for publishing the new products to the Storefront. You will first need to define your catalog language and the countries you do business, a default billing cycle and which users can view the new products.
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update the product catalogUpdate the product catalog​

update the product catalog

Microsoft updates its catalog by adding new products or discontinuing old ones,  every 1st of the month. By running our update tool, all catalog changes will be applied into your system:

  • Any new plans and add-ons will be added into your system
  • The discontinued products will be marked for deactivation
  • All add-ons will be related to the correct products. This can also be applied to the existing add-ons. If any existing add-on is no longer available for a specific plan or it is now related to more plans, all these relations are fully handled by the update tool.

update the product catalog

For reviewing and managing any changes, you can use the out-of-the-box views we have prepared for you or you can use our reporting tool for running your own custom reports.
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Update the price listsUpdate the price lists

update the product catalog

Through our tool, we facilitate the update of all Microsoft 365 license based products with prices from the official Microsoft partner center excel file. You just need to download Microsoft’s excel from your partner center account and upload it in the tool we have designed for the update of the prices, and the system will read the file and proceed to display the results. You should run this tool once per month for having your system always updated with Microsoft’s prevailing prices. The purchase prices will be updated with your cost prices and the sales prices will be updated with Microsoft SRP prices.
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Publish the productsPublish the products

However, the new products imported in your platform are not published to Storefront automatically. So, the last step is to review the new products and decide how you’ll publish them in your Storefront. If the new products are part of an existing product group (e.g. Office 365 Business), then you just need to relate the new products with the correspondent product group. On the other case, you need to add for your new products the marketing material you want to display and finally publish them in your Storefront.

Save time and money while stay focused on your CSP results! The amount of pain and time saved by using our platform can be an essential factor of your success and help you be competitive in the fast growing cloud industry. Unlike other cloud platform solutions, we keep our CSP customers, Microsoft consistent!

Want to learn more? Visit our knowledge page or if you are a more visual person take a look at our vlog!

Stay tuned for new innovative features and releases!