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Accelerate Your Growth In The New Acronis Cyber Cloud Ecosystem

It’s clear how much everybody has been affected by the digital transformation in a data-driven world. People and businesses have changed the way they work, collaborate, buy and sell products and services. Such exponential digital growth is not only challenging but also dangerous in terms of security and protection. Cyber attacks present constant threats and cybercriminals keep creating and developing AI-powered attacks. The more digitalized we become, the more vulnerable we are to these attacks.

Cybersecurity is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. Traditional methods and tools render businesses incapable of facing those threats. However, the security providers usually offer many options and tools to secure a network, including advanced endpoint protection, advanced email filtering, vulnerability scanning, and more. Systems are not built for scale and do not talk to each other, making automated efficiency hard to reach.

We need AI and blockchain-based cyber protection solutions to keep our data safe, eliminate complexity and stay protected.

What is Acronis Cyber Cloud?

Acronis Cyber Cloud is a comprehensive protection solution that is designed to cover your needs end-to-end. It enables service providers to deliver cyber protection in an easy, efficient, and secure way. With a single platform, you and your customers gain access to hybrid cloud backup, disaster recovery, ransomware protection, file sync & share, blockchain-based file notarization, and e-signature services, all managed from a centralized console.

Acronis Cyber Cloud includes the following services:

  • Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud
  • Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
  • Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery Cloud
  • Acronis Cyber Files Cloud
  • Acronis Cyber Notary Cloud
  • Acronis Cyber Infrastructure

The solution is highly flexible and offers five tiers/models covering all business needs. Service Providers can begin with a minimum of $250 commitment and slowly upgrade to a higher commitment level and enjoy up to 60% decrease in costs.

Why should you care as a Cloud Distributor?

By participating in the Acronis Cyber Cloud program, you have the opportunity to expand your network to an entirely new and growing ecosystem as well as to provide a complete cybersecurity solution to your resellers.

However, offering diversified and high-quality protection solutions to your channel partners can be time-consuming and complicated. Different commercial policies of different vendors, interdepartmental communication challenges between finance, sales and marketing teams, as well as complicated management and billing tasks can drain your productivity.

What you need is an automation platform that can handle your pains and offer complete integration with the Acronis Cyber Cloud to keep your business workflow smooth and efficient.

How an Acronis Cloud Distributor can leverage the interworks.cloud platform

As an Acronis Cloud Distributor, you can take advantage of our platform’s latest integration with Acronis Cyber Cloud. The integration automates the onboarding of new Acronis Service Providers (SPs), making it very easy for them to register: both current and new SPs can self-serve immediately through the distributor’s own branded marketplace.

Accelerate your Growth in the new Acronis Cyber Cloud Ecosystem 1

You can automatically populate your catalogs with Acronis’s defined commitment tiers, as well as add your own terms and conditions, and set your own margins when onboarding new channel partners.

Accelerate your Growth in the new Acronis Cyber Cloud Ecosystem 2

It also offers detailed analytics that shows exact usage of cloud software in real-time and a back-office functionality which translates to seamless customer management and billing for both an Acronis Cloud Distributor and a Service Provider.

Accelerate your Growth in the new Acronis Cyber Cloud Ecosystem 3

Your Service Providers can start with as little as $250 a month. And they get flexibility too, with a licensing model that enables them to choose either per-GB or per-Workload billing. What’s more, once onboarded, the interworks.cloud platform handles all CSP invoicing automatically. It allows direct activation of any of the 42 Acronis Cyber Cloud products into the Acronis Portal and accommodates any future product changes. They can monitor their Acronis Cyber Cloud subscription in real-time – viewing actual cost consumption, and detailed analytics on how it’s made up – as well as have easy access to paid or overdue invoices all from the distributor’s marketplace.

Here is a step-by-step guide with all the capabilities as described above. A very intuitive process built for Cloud Distributors!

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